Professional Headshots for Internet Marketing

Guest post submission by Stephanie Webb of Webb Digital Services.


Since I recently ventured out on my own to create a digital marketing business, Webb Digital Services, I needed to get some headshots and images for my own marketing purposes. 

Looking natural and comfortable is important in any photo worth sharing. In part, this depends on the person being photographed, but another key factor is the photographer.

Some photographers seem to have a natural way of putting people at ease while clicking away to capture people at their best. In some cases, photographers can almost make people forget they are even being photographed, which sets the stage for a fun photo shoot. 

I recently met up with photographer and videographer, Jennifer Allen, of Wildwood Media. We met at Engaged in Asheville to get some business headshots. Her calm and professional attitude made the session relaxed and fun. The space provided several backdrops and settings to get a variety of headshots. 

The session felt quick, but not rushed. Near the end of the photo shoot, I had smiled so much that my expressions were starting to not look natural. Jennifer got me to laugh, which bounced me back into a more relaxed feeling with a more genuine grin.

I am excited about my new business venture and the opportunity to help clients reach internet marketing goals. I am also thrilled to have professional headshots to help me introduce myself to potential clients.

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